Rob & Caroline DeLuca

Rob’s Short Bio

Rob and Caroline DeLuca are the senior pastors of His Way Church in Auckland, New Zealand and overseers of the His Way Glory Gatherings in Huntington Beach, California. Rob operates in a strong apostolic anointing with supernatural signs and wonders that follow the preaching of the Word. God uses Rob as a prophetic voice to spark revival fire wherever he ministers. He carries an authority that unleashes the breaker anointing to bring freedom to peoples lives. Rob and Caroline’s desire is to see God’s glory manifested in such a way that it invades entire churches, cities and nations. Their hearts burn to see the next generation of revivalists raised up and commissioned into all the world for the end time harvest. Rob and Caroline have three precious children, Isabella, Joshua and Joelle. They all find great joy in ministering together as a family.

Rob’s Full Bio

Rob DeLuca was raised in Los Angeles California. In the 70’s his family was saved in the charismatic movement when all the Catholics started getting spirit filled.

At the age of 10 he was radically touched by the power of the Holy Spirit and every time his mother would take him to a church service, men of God such as Kenneth Hagin, Kenneth Copeland and Ralph Wilkerson, would begin to prophesy over him saying ‘Son, God has called you to be a preacher’ and ‘Young man, the Lord is going to use you to preach to the masses’.

During Rob’s teenage years, he ended up falling into a lifestyle of drug addiction and drug dealing. At the age of 18 he ended up homeless and living in a cardboard box. In a back alley, Jesus met him and revealed his mercy, goodness and grace to Him. Rob fell radically in love with the Lord. He remembered what the Lord had spoken over him as a young boy and said ‘Yes’ to the high call of God.

Since that time Rob has been to over 42 nations sharing the Good News of the saving power of Jesus Christ. In 1994/95 he attended bible school to further his studies on church history and the great revivalists of old.

In 1996, an angel of the Lord came to Rob and spoke to him in the middle of the night in regards to New Zealand. The Angel said “The Lord is calling you to NZ and you shall carry the Glory of the Lord from one side of the nation to the other”. So with nothing but a bible and a suitcase, Rob packed his bags and came to New Zealand as a missionary where he rented a room in a basement for 18 months seeking God.

During this time, the Lord spoke to Rob about starting a business. He began a sandwich shop which over the past 10 years has grown into 10 restaurants and cafes as well as a boutique furniture store. He currently owns three restaurants and one café in Auckland, New Zealand.

In 2002, Rob and Caroline began His Way Church International in their home with six other people. Since then the church has continued to grow and flourish into an Apostolic training centre for young revivalists.

Today, Rob and Caroline and their three beautiful children, Isabella, Joshua and Joelle live in both Auckland, New Zealand and Orange County, CA, USA.


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One Response to Rob & Caroline DeLuca

  1. Andrew Pinto says:

    Rob DeLuca needs to repent and comeback to the Catholic Church, the One true Church that Jesus Christ founded

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